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Latest News and Progress Updates

CAD WALK Project Officially Ends

(October 1, 2019) - The CAD WALK project officially came to an end today, but that does not mean the work is over!

Alert Status Red: From Antwerp to Calgary

(May 7, 2019) - We are taking CAD WALK public these days with a presentation in Venice, a demonstration in Antwerp, and invitations to Calgary. We are also making progress in licensing our IP. Come see what we have in store!

Alert Status Red: New Data and Public Demos

(April 1, 2019) - This past month, we published a database of pressure measurements from Hallux Valgus patients. We also have been invited to demonstrate CAD WALK at imec's FutureSummit. The CAD WALK project rolls on!

Alert Status Red: The Publication and Presentation Roll Call

(March 12, 2019) - As we enter the home stretch of the project, the focus now shifts from development to promotion. In this month's update, we cover all of the project's recent publications and public engagements. We also reached a major milestone in data collection.

Alert Status Red: A First Look at Hallux Valgus Patients

(December 6, 2018) - In this month's update, we present some of the first results we've obtained on our Hallux Valgus patients. We see clear differences from patient to patient, suggesting that our individual evaluation of foot pressure videos is indeed useful.

CAD WALK Celebrates 1st Anniversary

(October 3, 2018) - CAD WALK celebrates its one year anniversary by releasing its first set of foot pressure measurements from Hallux Valgus patients. Also, we pay tribute to Marie Sklodowska-Curie whose contributions to science include the funding of this project.

CAD WALK Makes YouTube Debut

(July 10, 2018) - As long promised, CAD WALK has made its YouTube debut with a video introducing the project and providing a demonstration of the CAD WALK system. Three more videos on the project are also planned.

Alert Status Red: First Article & Dataset Published

(June 5, 2018) - The CAD WALK project is really rolling now as we deliver our first two outputs: a article on part of the methodology behind CAD WALK, and our first dataset of plantar pressure measurements.

Alert Status Red: Ethics Approved, Data is Coming

(April 27, 2018) - This past month, CAD WALK received its final ethics approval and we are close to wrapping up our foot pressure measurements for our healthy control population. Also, CAD WALK visited New York with unexpected results!

Alert Status Red: Data Collection Begins

(April 4, 2018) - In this month's update, we begin our data collection and give a description of the types of patients we will be including in our study. We also update you on a recent publication from our research group.

Alert Status Red: Prototypes and Measurement Prep

(March 8, 2018) - In the past month, we developed our first CAD WALK prototype, received some much-needed equipment, and began setting up our data collection protocols. The project continues to progress and remains on schedule.

Alert Status Red: Month 4 Sees Core Algorithm Complete

(January 31, 2018) - In this month's update, we present some of the first results of our completed foot pressure video estimation algorithm. We also give updates on our ethics review, intellectual property management, and review recent CAD WALK events.

Related Work: The imec FootWork Project

(December 15, 2017) - The idea for the CAD WALK project did not appear out of nowhere. Instead, it was the result of previous research: The imec FootWork project. This past week, the FootWork project officially concluded with a closing event at Runner's Service Lab in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Alert Status Red: Month 2 Brings Early Results

(November 30, 2017) - The second month of the CAD WALK project has culminated in some early results. In this month's update, we discuss our early success in estimating foot pressure images from a small group of healthy individuals. We also update our progress on data collection and highlight upcoming events in which we will take part.

Alert Status Red: One Month In...

(October 31, 2017) - We are 31 days into the CAD WALK project and progress has been made on various fronts. Our ethics application is almost ready, a mock up of the CAD WALK system has been designed, and we have some fancy new threads in which to do our work.

In Depth: CAD WALK Prepares for Ethics Review

(October 10, 2017) - There was a time when researchers were expected to oversee the ethics of their experiments themselves. It didn't end well. Now as CAD WALK prepares for its ethics review, we examine how we got here and what ethical concerns we need to be mindful of.

CAD WALK Project Begins

(October 1, 2017) - Researches officially started the clock today on the CAD WALK project. The goal of the EU-funded project is to provide a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system for foot problems within a two year time frame.

EGAMI hosts CAD WALK in Antwerp

(September 20, 2017) - Dr. Brian Booth, lead researcher in the CAD WALK project, was invited to speak today at the Expert Group Antwerp Molecular Imaging (EGAMI) workshop at the University of Antwerp. The goal of the workshop was to discuss ways of improving the impact of medical imaging research.

CAD WALK joins top researchers in Brussels

(May 29, 2017) - CAD WALK's lead researcher, Dr. Brian Booth, was invited to speak in Brussels today as part of a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship information session. The session was organized by the FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek - Scientific Research Fund) Foundation, which finances research in the basic sciences in Flanders.

CAD WALK Awarded EU Funding

(April 11, 2017) - The CAD WALK project received good news today as it was awarded over €160,000 in research funding. The funding was awarded as part of the EU's Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, specifically in the form of an individual fellowship to project lead Dr. Brian G. Booth.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 746614.